NAVAIDS | FAA Systems & Facilities

For over a decade, we have partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration for the  construction of navigational aids (NAVAIDS); landing systems, and lighting systems, as well as seismic and fire and life safety upgrades for Air Traffic Control Towers, and repairs and alterations at EnRoute facilities.  While the hub of our activities is traditionally in the Pacific Northwest, we have performed on projects for the FAA in Alaska,  California, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Guam.  In addition, we have installed an Instrument Landing System for Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico

Working on or near runways and in critical facilities, for the FAA and other Federal agencies, requires strict compliance with safety and security regulations.  BCI employs an elite force of Project Mangers, Superintendents, and Laborers who have both hands on construction experience and the security clearances necessary to perform a variety of services in this unique construction arena.

Our experience includes all of the necessary associated construction services and installation of the following systems:



  • Airport Surface Detection Equipment - Model X


  • Critical Area Management System - PROTOTYPE Ground Surveillance System


  • Distance Measuring Equipment


  • Far Field Monitor


  • Glide Slope


  • Inner Marker / Middle Marker / Outer Marker


  • Instrument Landing System


  • Localizer


  • Precision Approach Pathway Indicator


  • Runway Visual Range           


  • Doppler Very High Frequency Omni-Directional Range



  • Approach Lighting Systems w/Sequence Flashers Cat II


  • Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System w/ Sequence Flashers


  • Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System w/Runway Alignment
  • Indicator Lights


  • Runway End Identifier Lights                                                                                  

In addition, to our NAVAIDS work we are in the final year of a 5 year Job Order Contract for minor construction and alterations of FAA facilities within 125 mile radius of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Task orders under this contract do not exceed $100,000 with a total contract value not to exceed $5,000,000.

Finally, Burton Construction, Inc. holds a nationwide Basic Order Agreement (BOA) for the Modernization of EnRoute Facilities in the Continental United States and Puerto Rico and Guam. The contract is administered through the Federal Aviation Administration, Terminal  & EnRoute Contracts Group in Washington, D.C.

Through this contract Burton Construction, Inc. and our design partner will provide all necessary labor, materials, equipment, and Design/Build necessary to support the FAA’s National Airspace System (NAS) and Capital Investment Plan (CIP). The mission of the team is to modernize and sustain the air traffic control and radar approach facilities which comprise almost 400 million gross square feet in the FAA regions.  The FAA’s CIP objective is to complete existing modernization projects by 2022 and to maintain existing structures at a functionally-acceptable condition level.  All Contracting Offices for the Federal Aviation Administration are authorized to issue orders against this BOA.  This Contract may be used by other FAA owned, operated, or sponsored facilities and on a limited basis and when it is in the best interest of the government, the contract may be utilized by other federal government agencies.