Collaborative Engineering

The DESIGN/BUILD process provides the contractor a unique opportunity to join forces with the customer and the architect and engineering firm during the concept phase of a project to provide valuable input for constructability and cost estimating. This collaborative approach allows the contractor to make critical VALUE ENGINEERING and scheduling adjustments during the design phase instead of during bidding or construction where it would require change orders and/or modifications to plans, specifications, and construction schedules.

Burton Construction, Inc. has teamed with some of the area’s top A & E firms to bring high quality design and construction services to our customers near our home in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, we have teamed with some of the nation’s top A & E firms for projects across the United States and Guam.

From a $38,000 restroom remodel for the Department of Veterans Affairs to a $4,200,000 taxiway construction for the Department of the Air Force, Burton Construction, Inc. has a lengthy resume of DESIGN/BUILD projects. All of our project managers are experienced in the DESIGN/BUILD project delivery method.

We understands the preference for utilizing a DESIGN/BUILD project delivery method. Aside from the clear benefit it brings during design and construction, it simply provides the customer with a one-stop-shop for the seamless execution of projects where the contractor takes sole responsibility for the entire project from concept to close out.

Finally, at those times when DESIGN/BUILD was not the selected method of delivery and, the customer finds that their wants for a project do not coincide with the project’s budget or there are constructability issues, our capable team of estimators and project managers can apply their VALUE ENGINEERING experience or provide CONTRACTOR ASSISTED RE-DESIGN; evaluating the function or need for the space, understanding the customer’s desires, and examining realistic funding limitations to provide an end product that is functional, pleasing, and on budget. Often times, VALUE ENGINEERING can be achieved with little or no impact on the overall desired aesthetics of the completed project.

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