Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a way of getting relatively small and simple construction projects done easily and quickly.

The JOC method of project delivery was devised by the military in the 1980s as a way to overcome problems associated with the traditional Design Bid Build (DBB) method. The common occurrences of construction delays, cost over-runs, and quality disputes were successfully reduced using the new method, and JOC has been equally successful in the private sector for many years. Legislation has authorized the use of JOC for public construction in many states including Washington. JOC essentially provides owners with an on-call General Contractor who is familiar with the site and the owner’s needs.

The major advantages of job order contracting include:

  • Fast and timely delivery of projects.
  • Lower overhead cost of construction procurement and delivery.
  • Development of a partnering relationship based on work performance.
  • Reduction of change orders.
  • Simplified design documents
  • Employment of smaller local subcontractors, allowing for the majority of the project funds to be spent locally.
  • Minimal risk for the owner in the event of problems with the contractor because the owner can stop using the contract at any time.
  • A win–win attitude and motivation for both the contractor and the facility owner produced by the long-term relationship.

We have built an outstanding reputation as leaders in Washington State Job Order Contracting that started back in July 2004 when we were awarded our first of three JOC contracts with Spokane Schools. Since then, we have been awarded many other JOC contracts with WA state public agencies on both sides of the Cascades.