Since 1978

Burton Construction, Inc. is not merely a project management firm. We are a true contractor with a strong track record of providing high quality construction services with our own skilled craftsmen. From a single owner-operator in 1978, BCI consistently employs 75 people, on a monthly average.

In addition to our in-house BCI Team, we continue to grow and maintain a large database of highly qualified subcontractors in every field of construction that partner with us on our many projects across the United States.

We stand behind our work and our BCI team. We pride ourselves in our reputation for fairness in contract negotiations and change order requests. All employees and our teaming partners are encouraged to contribute their input in efforts to improve a project and/or affect policy changes to improve the company; the working environment of the corporate office and job site locations. By design, collaboration of the entire team garners respect. There is a pride in the company and the product, insuring a higher quality of performance and workmanship.