Over 95% of the construction services we provide are public works projects for State and Federal Agencies

In Washington State the majority of our projects are performed locally though a Job Order Contract (JOC)  with Spokane Public Schools, throughout Eastern Washington through JOCs with the Department of Enterprise Services and Washington State University, and in Western Washington through JOCs with the Port of Seattle and Port of Everett. Additionally, we have other projects  through our participation in small works rosters with Spokane County and Spokane International  Airport and other entities in Washington State.   Finally, we provide services to local non-profits such as St. Joseph’s Family Center,  the Northeast Neighborhood Community Center, and Skils’kin.

In the Federal arena, Burton Construction, Inc.  bids and performs on projects throughout the United States and its territories.  Since 1998, we have completed nearly 1000 transactions (contracts and contract modifications), with Federal customers totaling over $132,000,000.  Those  customers include: the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security , the Department of the Interior, Department of Labor , the Department of Veterans Affairs,  The Federal Aviation Administration,  and the USDA Forest Service.  Our Federal projects have taken us as far away as  the top of the world in Barrow, Alaska, the rainy shores of Guam, sunny Hilo, Hawaii and Olathe, Kansas in America’s heartland.  In total we have performed in the States of Washington, Utah,  Oregon, New, Mexico, Kansas, Hawaii, Colorado, California, Arizona, Alaska, and the territory of Guam.