Jerry Burton, President

The management of BCI has been constant for over 4 decades. As sole-owner of the young company in the late 70’s, Jerry Burton embraced the philosophy that the key to a successful company is the collaboration of an entire team.  It is a very simple formula; Assemble a strong, capable team, encourage their vision, provide them advancement, and a strong successful company emerges.   In the early years, the team was very small; Jerry and a handful of people, in a single office, growing a company and nurturing the success of each other, project by project. Today, Jerry’s team-building formula continues to move BCI forward. 

As President and 51% owner, Jerry remains at the helm managing the day-to-day operation of Burton Construction, Inc. including the teaching and training of the next generation.   That next generation is Jennifer Burton. 

Jennifer Burton, Vice President | Director of Communications

Jennifer has been an integral part of BCI for nearly 20 years.  Early on, she used her skills and training to work both in the field with her artist’s brush and in the office with her technological training.   Today, as Vice President and 49% owner, Jennifer provides direct support to Jerry in the development or modifications of corporate plans, policies and procedures acquisition and maintenance of banking, bonding, and insurance resources, capital purchasing, and business development. In addition, Jennifer continues to maintain all hardware, software and the associated security, training, maintenance, and upgrades.

Ron McInerney, General Manager

Ron McInerney provides nearly 40 years of dedicated service with Burton Construction, Inc. His duties as General Manager, Ron provides direct support to Jerry and Jennifer enforcing policies and procedures at administrative offices and project sites. In addition, Ron is the executive in charge of projects and construction management, these duties include: estimating, assignment of project management, on site supervision, QC and safety, and manpower, allocation of vehicles and equipment, and oversight of daily reports from field staff and payroll for all projects.